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Save Your Business From Disaster Workbook is Available to Download Here
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The Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce recently had a special event where attendees learned how to protect their businesses so that when a disasterous event occurred the business could stay open and operational, even if it was from a temporary location.

A disasterous event could be as simple as a burst pipe flooding the building and damaging computers, paper records and inventory. Here in earthquake country, a disaster to a business can be as bad as total destruction of the building, equipment, computers, office furniture and business records.

Click on the links below to download individual forms or the entire Workbook. All forms are fillable PDFs from the event Workbook. Protect your business' operational capacity so you can continue to do business, uninterrupted in our community. Download the entire Save Your Business From Disaster Workbook with fillable PDFS from our Home page.

Employee Contact Information
Key Contacts
Critical Business Functions
Recovery Location Worksheet
Vital Records Worksheet
Key Supplies Worksheet
Phone Numbers
Computer Hardware and Software
Voice/Data Communications
Disaster Response Checklist
*See the bottom of this page for instructions on downloading individual forms. Call the Chamber Offices if you need assistance at 805.238.0506.
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The Economic Development
Division of the Chamber of Commerce
is Here for You

Starting a business? We can help with direction and resources.
Growing a business? We can help with training, networking and more resources. Worried about finding the right employees? We’re working with business and education on training classes and employability skills. Curious about the strength of our local economy? We have the information.

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The Stronger Futures Foundation is the New
Nonprofit Arm of the Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce

Introducing the Stronger Futures Foundation – an Arm of the Economic Development Division
Our mission is to build stronger futures for the residents of North SLO County by creating programs and training developed through alliances with local commerce and education.
The Stronger Futures Foundation focuses on:
• Preparing our youth to succeed in the workforce
• Creating more opportunities at all job levels
• Guiding and encouraging entrepreneurs
• Educating and supporting local business owners
• Creating and supporting a strong local economy



Contact Pam Avila at 805.238.0506 to make an appointment TODAY! Learn how to start a business, improve your existing business, get advice on business practices and marketing at the new nonprofit Stronger Futures Foundation, a federally recognized 501(c)3.

Pam Avila, Director of Economic Developme
nt and
President of the Stronger Futures Foundation


 NCBRC Business Climate Study Cover

Click on the image at left to download the 
2013 Business Climate Report

Information and workshops are brought to you by the Paso Robles Chamber Business Resource Center in partnership with the Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce and Charter Business.

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Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce
Business Plan for 2014

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 *To download multiple copies of some forms, such as the Employee Contact Form, follow the steps below:
1. Select the Employee Contact Information form.
2. When the form opens up on your computer screen, complete the form by typing in the information required.
3. When complete, go to the "File" menu in the top left corner of the document and click on it.
4. Go to "Save A
s" and click on it, then select PDF.
5. This will open up a dialog box and prompt you to save the document to your desktop or in another folder.
6. In the dialog box find the bright blue highligted area and choose a name for your document, such as "Mary Smith   11_28_2015". Remember where the document is located.
7. After you save the document with Mary Smith's name, it will become a permanent, unchangeable PDF, or Portable Document File, that you will be able to access from any computer which has Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, a free application.
8. Now you are ready to select the Employee Contact Information form for your next employee!