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  • Landscape Maintenance Foreperson

    Madrone Landscapes, Inc.
    Job Description
    Full time position; 7am-3:30pm Monday-Friday. Visit our Career Opportunities page for application and more info: https://madronelandscapes.com/career-opportunities/

    We are looking for a landscape maintenance foreperson to join our team. Some of the features of this position include: responsibility of field-level management of crews, complex tasks of landscape maintenance, irrigation maintenance and analysis, advanced pruning and trimming skills, and working within the quality and performance guidelines established by Madrone. 

    Qualifications and Requirements:

    • Good attitude and ability to work on a team
    • Education: High School Diploma or GED Certificate
    • Ability to speak, read, and write in English
    • Maintain physical fitness level necessary to complete job tasks
    • Ability to manage and report crew usage of chemicals safely and effectively
    • Ability to properly schedule irrigation for different plant types and soil conditions
    • Knowledge of irrigation valve maintenance, drip line and emitter repair, lateral line repair, sprinkler repair, and basic nozzle adjustments
    • Demonstrate knowledge of the basic elements of fertilizers
    • Ability to complete daily time sheets, maintenance logs, and pesticide use reports in an organized and efficient manner
    • Maintain a fast-paced work day while producing high-quality work
    • Ability to effectively drive and back up a truck with trailer
    • Ability to assess common issues such as water deficiency, pest damage, etc.
    • Ability to recognize rodent issues and correct types of defense for specific rodents (ground squirrel, gophers, moles, voles)
    • Valid California driver’s license and ability to be insured by company policy (requires 3-years clean driving record)
    • Ability to identify by common or botanical names of 50 frequently used plants that appear on the CLT plant list and demonstrate knowledge of the cultural requirements of those plants
    • Ability to aesthetically and functionally prune trees, shrubs, and grasses with proper technique at the correct time of year

    *Salary Based on Experience 

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