• 2018 Business Walk Results

  • 2018 Business Walk Summary

    An Economic Development Initiative

    On November 8, 2018, the Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce (PRCC) conducted its inaugural Business Walk.  The PRCC, along with a group of 70 volunteers, attempted to visit 422 businesses with the purpose of discussing the state of business.  Being respectful of business owner’s time, volunteers asked just a few questions to help the Chamber and the City of Paso Robles understand the state of their business and what our community needs to improve the economy. Business owners also had the option of completing the survey online if they were unable to do so at the time of the Business Walk. The results of the walk were presented at the November 28, 2018 PRCC Wake Up Paso monthly breakfast meeting to a group of around 75 attendees and are summarized below.

    Quick Facts:

    • Number of Business Walk Volunteers = 70
    • Number of businesses attempted to visit = 422
    • Number of business surveys collected in person = 145
    • Number of business surveys collected digitally = 15
    • Survey response rate = 40%
    • Areas that need the most emphasis = housing (cost and availability), business attraction, workforce solutions, business retention and expansion, and education
    • Top business needs = marketing and advertising assistance, attracting and retaining qualified talent, faster internet

    Volunteers were equipped with maps, a list of 10 businesses, surveys, follow-up collateral, and water bottles. They were then sent to various commercial and industrial areas within the City limits to conduct their walk.  Business owners and managers were asked three questions:

    1. How would you rate the current state of your business?
    2. What resources do you need to improve your business?
    3. Which areas do you feel require the most emphasis?


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