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Leadership North County is uniquely able to equip both businesses and individuals to effect change in the community in a powerful way.

What is Leadership North County?
Through a series of nine different workshops that address topical community issues, Leadership North County (LNC) will introduce you to the power base of the community, show you channels of communication for achieving results, increase your awareness of issues and needs within the county, and help you achieve your full potential as an induvidual committed to community leadership.

LNC is supported by North County Economic Foundation, Atascadero and Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce, and other community-minded organizations.

What are Participants’ Commitments?
The LNC program requires a commitment of your time and focused energies, but will give back to you in ways that enhance all aspects of your life.

Each LNC applicant must make a commitment to attend one day workshops held each month during the nine month program (April – Dec). Programs are held on the first Friday of the month, with the exception of July and September due to the holidays.

Additional Information
The following PDF packet contains additional information about the LNC program:

Sponsoring Applicants: How Employers Benefit
In a recent survey from leadership programs throughout the state, 93% of employers who sponsored participants observed improved leadership skills in their employees, and 97% felt the investment in the program was worthwhile to their organization.

Employers benefit in countless ways from the improved leadership, team-building, and problem-solving skills their employees gain from Leadership North County. Through their employees’ involvement, they gain access to a new and broad network of resources for addressing the issues facing the community precisely because their employees are able to build a powerful network with the “who’s who” of the region.

Employers benefit in countless ways from the improved leadership, team-building, and problem-solving skills that employees gain from Leadership North County.

“Leadership North County was just awesome. Not only did it grow me as a professional and as a person, but it also allowed me to really expand my network. I’ve stayed really involved in the program ever since.”
-Anthony Rodriguez, Class of 2016

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