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View our list of workforce and apprenticeship programs. Finding talent and mastering trades are difficult processes. Find the right program for you today.

Workforce Programs

Finding qualified talent can be a challenge for employers. Here are some resources to help you find candidates.

Just 1 Program

Just 1 is a program that partners businesses with education. It’s a community service opportunity between businesses and schools to provide students experience with job interviews. Businesses interview with the intention of offering just one student a career opportunity or internship. Last year over 400 students interviewed countywide with over 100 businesses large and small. Our goal this year is to connect even more businesses with students.

Apprenticeship Programs

Get paid to learn about a trade and get hundreds to thousands of hours of hands-on experience.

Why go through an Apprenticeship Program?

Registered Apprenticeship is a proven model of job preparation that combines paid on-the-job training (OJT) with related instruction to progressively increase workers’ skill levels and wages. Registered Apprenticeship is also a business-driven model that provides an effective way for employers to recruit, train, and retain highly skilled workers. It allows employers to develop and apply industry standards to training programs, thereby increasing productivity and the quality of the workforce. As an “earn and learn” strategy, Registered Apprenticeship offers job seekers immediate employment opportunities that pay sustainable wages and offer advancement along a career path. Graduates of Registered Apprenticeship programs receive nationally-recognized, portable credentials, and their training may be applied toward further post-secondary education.

Ticket Into Tech

Ticket into Tech, created by SLO Partners in 2017 (a SLO County Office of Education initiative) was created with the mission to create 1,000 new head-of-household technology careers in the San Luis Obispo region before Diablo Canyon closes, with the belief that in order to develop innovative solutions to tomorrow’s problems, a labor force that is as diverse and innovative as the challenges it faces is needed. Learn more here.

Ticket into Precision Manufacturing

SLO Partners’ Ticket Into Precision Manufacturing apprenticeship program is designed to help hands-on problem solvers enter a new career path through an accelerated training bootcamp, connections to growing companies, and post-hire support.

Ticket into the Trades

Ticket into the Trades is a program put in place to create local head of household careers in the building trades through apprenticeship.

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