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And the non-profit of the March Mixer is (drum roll please) ………

nci affiliates

If you haven’t heard about NCI Affiliates, you should. Their resources and programs provide support for individuals with disabilities to help them achieve success and by doing so enriches all of our lives. From groundskeeping and janitorial work, to bulk mail preparation and packaging, to operating thrift stores, their clients can do it all. The NCI staff is professionally trained and knowledgeable. If you’re in need of information or assistance, contact them by clicking here.

But assisting them in their mission wouldn’t be possible without our Chamber Members. Eberle Winery has generously offered to be our sponsor for this event, and we can’t say enough about them. From incredible employees to oftentimes finding the legendary Gary behind the counter, they have it all. Oh yeah then there’s the wine. 😉

gary eberle
eberle winery vineyard
eberle wine glasses

Our restaurant sponsors this month are Street Side Ale House Paso Robles and Thomas Hill Organics. Two very different ambiances but equally impressive experiences.

At Street Side (as Eric, Trevor, and Chris like to say), they have “Good Food, Good Beer, and Good Friends.” Click here to view their menu.

street side ale house owners
street side ale house food
street side ale house dining

At Thomas Hill Organics, you get Debbie (always a plus), and her dedication to the farm-to-table experience. She doesn’t stop there, though. Her contribution to the community goes above and beyond through her volunteer efforts and participation in all things Paso Robles. Click here to view their menu.

Thomas Hill Organics food
Thomas Hill organics dessert
Thomas Hill Organics plate

A portion of all proceeds spent at:

Street Side Ale House in Paso Robles on March 10


Thomas Hill Organics on March 11th

...will go directly to NCI Affiliates to further their contribution in our community!

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