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The Wildflowers are Here!

Are you a wildflower aficionado or simply enjoy discovering exquisite beauty on a Sunday afternoon drive? Come along for the Super bloom experience of a lifetime!

Following our very rainy winter we are being rewarded with blooms galore of various Lupine, Brittlebrush, Sticky Money Flower, Indian Paintbrush, California Poppies, Tidy Tips, Sand Verbena, Evening Primrose, Fiddleneck and more. Breathtaking colors from yellow, bright white, deep purple and periwinkle, hot pink to pastel, vivid green all woven into the rolling hills to carpet the land in magic!

Your visual feast can be enjoyed east of Santa Mararita along Highway 58, Shell Creek Road, Bitterwater Road and La Panza Road. If you wish to venture further afield, head for Carrizo Plain National Monument and onto California Valley. Best time to see our flowers showing off is late March to mid April.

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