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Paso Robles Unhoused Incident Reporting System

Collaborate to find solutions for Paso Robles' unhoused population:

Work together:

Community members are encouraged to work together to collectively find permanent solutions to the unhoused challenges facing the City of Paso Robles and its diverse businesses. Coalescing together, we can all find ways to foster synergy, communiciation and progressive solutions.

Here's how:

Pinpointing challenges related to the unhoused Paso Robles population begins with you. Simply click the icon to the right to file an incident report. Make a step toward documenting issues that may arise involving homeless persons in and around businesses. Your information is private, confidential and respected.

Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce is committed to creating opportunities for business leaders to convene, connect, learn, advocate and grow. By connecting business leaders, elected officials, residents and visitors who shape the health of our community, we can all work together to find solutions in the future.

Homeless Paso Robles
Paso Robles homeless
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Helping hands

Tracking data related to homeless

It’s critical to plan for the future while taking steps to address current homeless needs. By documenting concerns within the business community, it’s hoped that the community may have the ability to optimize resources for homeless individuals as a result of present-day planning, assess key challenges, program effectiveness and ongoing needs.


Responding strategically to homeless challenges

Information gathered during this homeless incident reporting system may be used in identifying pilot program opportunities as well as best-equipping emergency responders, law enforcement and social workers by streamlining data. Efforts made by the Chamber may serve to provide further input by pinpointing specific areas concern and extend efforts beyond what’s currently in place at the Chamber level.


Areas of focus

Once the homeless incident reporting system is implemented, data gathered will be continuously monitored and evaluated to foster engagement with community leaders, advocates and all those who work toward the goal to finding remedies challenges within the local homeless community.

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